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  1. 95 escort wagon

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      Engine modifications
      • BP swap with gtx turbo & Ecu, obx cam gears and short throw shifter

      Suspension Modifications
      • lowering springs

      • gt 4 wheel disc

      Interior Modifications
      • protege dash, aftermarket seats

      Exterior Modifications
      • gt front bumper and side skirts.

      • zx2 wheels and bridgestone potenza re960 pole position tires.
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      donor gt clip mazda protege interior 95 escort wagon - Photo 5361 wire tucked bpt swap. 95 escort wagon - Photo 5821 me and alex at automotion mazda cluster all cleaned up and coil relocated on engine ready 4 swap
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      Member: ttfleury
      Created: 08-29-2009 10:55 PM
      Last Modified: 09-24-2011 11:39 PM
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      FE3-323 i like the picture with the engine on the stand. 09-27-2012
      239bmxican Can't wait until my bp is boosted in my wagon! Hell yea looks sick man 07-31-2011
      Mazda_Powered that looks like a Protege door panel in the one pic, nice! 03-07-2011
      kylespatula wagon FTW! 01-24-2011
      progt91 hey man i like the look of the wagon, very nice. 09-14-2009
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