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  1. 1990 Mazda 323 (base model)

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      Engine modifications
      • KLZE 2.5L V6 (JDM FTW)
      • Millenia IM/TB
      • New timing belt, water pump
      • Home-made intake with Pep Boys filter

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • MX3 gearbox
      • MX3 axles
      • New OEM clutch
      • MX3 flywheel
      • GM Syncromesh synth. fluid

      Suspension Modifications
      • Jamex springs
      • KYB shocks
      • MX3 front & rear subframes
      • MX3 front swaybar
      • MX3 rear swaybar & tie bar
      • chromed rear upper strut bar

      • MX3 front & rear disc brakes

      Interior Modifications
      • MX3 bucket seats
      • gas door & trunk release cables
      • replaced headliner
      • manual seatbelts
      • Protege LX gauge cluster

      • Jensen casette player FTL

      Exterior Modifications
      • JDM upper & lower rear GTX spoilers

      • 16x7 Allesio Monza wheels
      • 205/40/16 tires
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      Finished V6 swap, angry BG Rear view...should be familiar to Hondas...get it...'familia'r :D KLZE sez 'hi' Tucked in It's not your fault, little B6 :) Out she goes So much of the suck...I hate dirt. Goodbye dirt
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      Member: Dan [Sac]
      Created: 02-19-2008 01:41 AM
      Last Modified: 02-19-2008 01:52 AM
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      Author Comment Date
      porter_roc I can't wait to do the same to my 1989 Mercury Tracer. You sir, you are a genius. Hit me up with any insight. 07-17-2011
      cory_creation sleeper with a snoring problem haha 04-18-2010
      javii323 DAMN...all i can say is SEXY...beautiful sleeper..i cant put my jaw back together 01-31-2010
      davidalexis THAT thing loks like it belongs there.... so nice... 05-25-2009
      grayheet@hotmai cars aer'nt ment to fly but this one looks like it could. 04-15-2009
      Mr GoD i cant stop drooling! 01-28-2009
      TheOnenOnly now that set up is sick as hell 09-27-2008
      tireboy sweet ass ride it must just haul ass.... 06-26-2008
      b-potent thats sick, props for being different 02-20-2008
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