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  1. 1991 Escort GT-X BP-T Sleeper

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      Engine modifications
      • Former BP-T, back to big-crank NA BP block/head- valve-job, rebuilt, balanced, VJ-20 GTX turbo, phenolic intake spacer, RX-7 VAF, Starion FMIC, 1G DSM BOV, UR Pulley, Vishnu fuel rail, 5th injector, FMU, Walbro 255, Accel Coil, 2.5" Cat, 2.25" Walker dual-exit muffler

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • ACT street disc clutch/ Xtreme pressure plate, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, Mazdaspeed LSD w/Kia axles, Polyurethane engine mounts and shifter bushings, short-shifter, SS clutch line

      Suspension Modifications
      • H&R/Tokicos, Quikor 1" rear sway-bar (with bracket reinforcement), ZX2 front bar, Urethane Steering-rack bushings, control arm bushings, and endlinks; F/R lower tie bars, Compass Front/Custom Rear Upper Strut tower brace

      • Pretty much stock- SS brake lines, slotted rotors.

      Interior Modifications
      • Protege LX seats (a little lower than the EGT's), boost, EGT and A/F gauges, turbo timer, aluminum pedals, white gauge faces, manual seat belts, added power windows and locks, Python alarm, etc.

      • Kenwood CD, Pioneer speakers, 1.5" tweeters on doors, 300W amp, 2 Kenwood 8" subs, Optima Redtop Battery, 1 Farad Cap

      Exterior Modifications
      • real HID bulbs- PITA to get right, 97 Supra bumper-lights, Carbon fiber hood/hood vents, Blue Ox tow bar baseplate, Hidden hitch

      • Back to stock swept 5-spoke 15" wheels with Firestone G009's, or Kumho's on Rage race 15X6.5's
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      BPT-inside Old Dyno Sheet Track Day Sway-Bar bracket weld
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      Created: 09-08-2008 11:39 PM
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      kepmaster Oh, the rear I made out of stuff from Lowe's. (chain-link fence hinges and some bar stock) kinda ghetto but works well and is removable. 11-05-2008
      kepmaster Well, Compass Motorsports went under YEARS ago, but I was one of the few to actually get some stuff from them. They had a bunch of orders for rear sway bars (Compass/Quikor) they never delivered, it was luckily picked up from someone local up in OR. (I almost lost my A$$ on that deal) and got the strut bar from another EGT member. Their intake air filter adapter is second to none also. Aluminum with really nice transistions from the 3" round to the rectangular opening for the VAF. 11-05-2008
      bpt323 very nice!!! i never knew compass made quality strut tower bars like that. do you have a picture of the rear? 11-05-2008
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