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  1. 1993 ford festiva

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      Engine modifications
      • BP swap with turbo in the parts gathering stage, 2.5 catco cat and catback using magna flow muffler, built buy me. mwuaha ha ha

      Suspension Modifications
      • Aspire struts and springs, springs then cut to bring it down to size

      • full aspire swap

      Interior Modifications
      • gutted with seat robbed from cavalier

      • none yet

      • 195/50/15 cooper something or other... pretty good tires though. directional tread
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      this is how she sits now fill up those wheel wells tire to strut clearance almost non-existant this is her right after i got her aspire front brakes new seats from cavalier my bp, not using timing covers, all ready to go in all painted up pretty grant wheel install in progress
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      Member: gorgonheimer
      Created: 05-19-2008 11:52 PM
      Last Modified: 05-20-2008 12:17 AM
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      psiturbo Its gonna be one hell of a joy ride, insane, lol! 04-18-2010
      EscortSportage omg...that is gonna be a nasty sleeper LOL

      the things people do to cars now a days love it
      jturbo323 very clean engine always have loved festivas have them few down here in south florida . great work so far cant wait to see turbo setup on it and iam with the other guys definitely needs a gtx or gtr setup on it. 01-21-2009
      gorgonheimer the motor will go in next weekend, in NA dress. i have to save up for all the goodies for the turbo. i have the CT26 off a toyo supra and the drive to put it in. the trans will be a g series from a 94 protege. all should be well in my neighbor hood! 07-10-2008
      Mazda_Powered nice festiva! always liked these cars! don't forget a roll rage in that sucker, a BPT will twist that little car 06-09-2008
      madtownmazda deff need the bp-T!!! 05-22-2008
      bpt323 woot for festiva!!! 05-21-2008
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