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  1. 1997 Protege 1.5 lx

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      Engine modifications
      • k&n filter, stock cold air intake modification, NGK platinum plugs and plug wires.

      Suspension Modifications
      • will be lowering soon

      • Alpine full audio system, 1640 watt amp mtx 12" sub

      Exterior Modifications
      • aftermarket wheels

      • new tread
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      stock look of the engine, i keep it very clean. i make custom shift knobs out of wood. same knob from the front looking under the air box actually under the airbox stock boot and curvy thing haha. tweaked to face downward from under cut a hole underneath. looks stock alpine deck interior exterior
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      AntiRiceDevice the shift knob looks incredible. 11-22-2012
      cdgator how did you get your engine bay so clean? 03-25-2011
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