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  1. 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback

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      Engine modifications
      • 96 kia sephia 1.8 bp motor with gtr conrods rods and je 9.1 compression pistons with custom t/3 turbo setup. Rebuilt head, bp26 ecu, 330cc mx6 injectors, jdm y code vaf, mazda 626 radiator, walboro fuel pump, relocated battery, mazda mx6 blov valve. also starion front mount intercooler and custom piping.
        all ac components removed inside engine bay and under dash also gtx cams not installed yet waiting to buy some cam gears
        new ngk iridium spark plugs and ngk mazda dealer wires

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • g series tranny with new stock clutch and fly wheel will be going to act stage 3 clutch and fidanza flywheel in the future.

      Suspension Modifications
      • kyb adjustable gas struts and ground control coilovers escort gt front and rear stabalizer bars with new bushings also down the road will have front and rear corksport tower strut bar

      • mazda protege lx front disc and rear disc conversion will go to slotted rotors and kvr brake pads in the future

      Interior Modifications
      • stock mazda 323 se interior with protege lx dash cluster and console protege lx front and back seats also RAZO boost guage ,supro oil pressure and water temp gauges and razo air /fuel guage

      • stock

      Exterior Modifications
      • jdm straight cut headlights and corner lights with jdm slant grille.also have side marker lights waiting to come in mail upper gtx wing plus rear gtx taillights and rear garnish

      • enkei 15 front rims in front and advanti 17 rear rims painted gold

      future plans call for me getting car repainted white also sandblasting and repainting new bp valve cover which is done but not put on yet. Buying some obx or fidanza cam gears. also purchasing the gtx 3 hole front bumper and rear jdm hatchback bumper. corksport gtr intake manifold.
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      1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3064 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3065 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3067 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3068 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3089 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3090 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3092 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3093 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3098 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3100 1992 turbo bg mazda 323 se hatchback - Photo 3262
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      Member: jturbo323
      Created: 06-21-2007 02:43 AM
      Last Modified: 03-21-2009 01:09 AM
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      kylespatula running the maf inline with the turbo pipes? 01-20-2011
      ratch love that you hit up performance fisrt.
      but 2 different sized rims on the car? ewww...
      outside rims its nice and clean and alot of work.
      i do like the design and color of rims.
      psiturbo I got the same style Mazda 323, all of them suffer from the cheap paint... 03-11-2010
      jturbo323 not sure i just got a y code vaf from a member on here josh (yunvmyegt) so iam gonna see how much better it runs with that one when i go to the dyno in the next 2weeks. my goal it for now somewhere in the 220-250whp. down the road i plan to go to a standalone setup megaquirt pnp. ultimately somwhere over 300whp is my ultimate goal with good tuning of course the magaquirt. 03-06-2009
      deathtrigga how much power do you think your getting with that curreent setup bro 03-04-2009
      323Permin They there ....nice ride .

      I was wondering what size of tire and wheel set up you are running .

      Also what "ground control" lowering coil springs you used for your setup . Are your coil overs adjustable ? so you can get the ride height you want and change as needed . Lastly which model of KYB adjustable struts did you use ?

      Thanks in advance

      jturbo323 thanks gascanexplode iam trying to finish retuning the cars new setup for moroso raceway coming up in april 03-28-2008
      gascanexplode very nice hatch... wish i could find a decent one around here 03-24-2008
      91mazda323 i have the same setup and i need the down pipe i just was wondering how you got your down pipe for the t3 turbo 10-08-2007
      ProTo MaTriX oh yeah and where did you find your struts??... 07-15-2007
      ProTo MaTriX thanx... ya i love my wheels except the one i bent... dont ask... but ya the paint was done like one or 2 yrs ago, u have 1 clean 323 love it... 07-15-2007
      jturbo323 thanks mazdamitch333 just trying to build an all-around beast but nothing like b-potent he car is on another level 07-11-2007
      mazdamitch333 thanks, as is yours, almost have my boost together, soon, cant wait to see your car when your done, sounds like you have great things planned 07-11-2007
      jturbo323 thanks alot mazdaboy put alot of work into motor and turbo setup now its tuning time and bodywork 06-26-2007
      mazdaboy1974 I like alot. 06-26-2007
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