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  1. 1992 JapMobile Protege

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      Engine modifications
      • B8 Turbo

      Suspension Modifications
      • Kayaba

      • B8

      Interior Modifications
      • B8

      • Kenwood

      Exterior Modifications
      • 210

      • Enkei
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      Member: realitiarc
      Created: 09-07-2008 02:31 AM
      Last Modified: 10-30-2008 08:19 PM
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      Comments: 11
      Author Comment Date
      jose nice car man like how it looks in white do u know where can i get the rear bumper the one that has the hole for the plate 04-09-2012
      scort4life Man dude, this car is tight! 10-03-2010
      bpt323 dig it! 12-23-2009
      FamiliaGT What weels are those in the second to last pic? I really like those! 07-27-2009
      XxaltezzaxX oh man this is nice. 05-09-2009
      SleptWithURWife I'm a huge fan of the white proteges, mine is old dirty white and i love it. yours with the bronze wheels is beauty. 01-06-2009
      Krazyman This is one of my favorite BG's on this site.. Absolutely Beautiful... What Wing is that?? 12-03-2008
      AODfan In the third picture, what kind of bumper is that? 10-20-2008
      TheOnenOnly yea the bronze n the grey is dope! sick car bro. is that a carbon fiber hood?? 09-21-2008
      SleptWithURWife love the bronze rims man. very nice 09-17-2008
      jturbo323 very clean car love the paint job would love to see some engine shots 09-08-2008
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