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      Engine modifications
      • A few free mods, such as cutout airbox, no air filter, ect.., as well as a '97 MAF, '95 ECU, and a '95 air intake hose (bigger for the '97 maf), gutted cat, no muffler, side exit exhaust.

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • none.

      Suspension Modifications
      • drilled out struts for more camber.

      • none.

      Interior Modifications
      • Gutted. (only the dash, console, driver door panel and an aluminum racing seat are left.) Enduro roll bar, door bar.

      • none. (pony has none)

      Exterior Modifications
      • No windows, no lights, no wing, welded driver door, 1/8 in. steel plate protects driver door. Custom paint job. (flat grey, white, blue, neon green accents. #146 painted on doors and roof. Racing decals.

      • 2 sets of rims/tires. 13" wheels, 175/70R13 tires for 1/4 mile tracks, 14" wheels and 175/70R14 tires for bigger tracks.
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      1992 - Photo 4253 racing my car 1992 - Photo 4414 Ice race Ice race Ice race Ice race ice race ice race ice race
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      Racerboy ttfleury, that was ice racing that took place on a frozen lake. It was awesome! Lots of sliding around. Very challenging. 06-24-2012
      ttfleury i want in on some snow racing lol! 12-29-2011
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