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  1. 1993 Mazda 323 Super Turtle

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      Engine modifications
      • BPT, Probe fmic, mild port match and polish, 5 angle valve grind, valves backcut, head shaved 0.013", 9:1 pistons, Custom CAI, Magnaflow 2.5" exh, coming soon bigger injectors!

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • ACT 240ft/lb clutch (slipping after 3 months at 15psi), F-type trans with redline fluid (holds up great) Rebuilt larger dia axles that say Ford?

      Suspension Modifications
      • KYB GR2's, Canuck motorsport lowering springs, KYB competition top plates/mounts, rest is new oem mazda

      • mx3 fronts with ebc green stuff pads and slotted ebc rotors, stock rears, high temp fluid

      Interior Modifications
      • boost gauge, mazdaspeed seatbelt covers (com'on its a mazdaspeed now)

      • Stock head unit, pioneer 2ways in front, alpine 3ways in back

      Exterior Modifications
      • Chrome exhaust tip Hoping for a GTR kit and paint

      • American racing 16's with Falken Ziex 912's (205/45/16)

        Sold Nov 08

        No longer dreaming of an NA Miata
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      Stock in '04 Some mods (pre bpt) in '05 BPT and suspension in '06 Old engine New engine (before getting new suspension in yikes) Rims & front brakes Struts when they werent assembled My brand new DD My truck (07) chillin with my fiancee's pro (02 2L) I dont Have this deck anymore but an interior pic Another interior My 1st ride '03 Another Exterior shot
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      Created: 01-23-2008 11:10 AM
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      deathtrigga caymen 323 thats fresh 03-06-2009
      jturbo323 nice car very clean always great seing another 323 owner love how clean the engine bay and interior are a sleeper 09-02-2008
      bpt323 currently its a VF10 core with VF12 coldside parts I.E. a 25whp increase can be seen over a VF10 hybrid, the above way described slides right into place in the VJ20 hotside. 02-06-2008
      bpt323 diggin the work you've done to the 323. 01-30-2008
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