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  1. 1992 Mazda Protege DX

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      Engine modifications
      • Cold Air Filter Intake, and Trust/Greddy Muffler (All Ive done for now)

      Interior Modifications
      • Changed the stock DX interior to LX interior

      • Dual(temp Cd Player) 2 12 inch JL Audio subwoofers in carpeted Boxes, Dragster 880 watt Amp

      Exterior Modifications
      • Full Custom Fitted Body Kit (custom fitted and installed by me) 99 Accord Front Bumper, 03 Jetta Rear bumper, G35 skirts. Protege 5 roof spoiler, Miata trunk spoiler, removed and flushed over trunk lock

      • 7 spoke 14 inch Nissan NX2000 Alloy Wheels
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      was a pretty good picture at the time day I bought her (front) day I bought her (back) laying out how where everything is gonna go before fiberglass is added fiberglass added fiberglass done, filler added and shaping started came across this one for parts front bumper shaping done(for now), started adding primer and working on the rest of the body ran out of grey primer, so I used white instead and got a little carried away with it. also found a full set of rims with tires Ran out of White Primer,(store was out of grey and white primer) so bought black primer my trunk key lock was all torn up, so took it & the emblems out and flushed over the holes then threw primer over. looks so clean like this! This is how She currently looks. Sure has come a long way.
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