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  1. 1993 Mazda Protege

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      Engine modifications
      • 1.8L DOHC, 3" Short Ram Air, 2¼ custom exhaust, Pacesetter headers,"Next summer BPT inside"

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • ACT ceramic 4 spokes, Short Shift

      Suspension Modifications
      • B&G Lowering springs (1.4 drop), KYB GR-2 shocks, Vibrant front Strut Tower Bar

      • Sloted and drilled Disk Brakes, PBR Brakes pads, DOHC disk conversion (Pending)

      Interior Modifications
      • Bride Stearing Wheel, Suede Shiftboot, Aluminium Shiftknob, Gforce seat, Glow shift tinted gauge (Boost, Oil Pressure ans A/F ratio), Windows Electric (DOHC), Doorlock (DOHC), interior black and grey

      • Alpine Headunit CDA-7894, 2 Alpine subwoofer amp MRP-M350, 1 Alpine 4/2/1 amp MRV-F340, 2 Alpine Subwoofer 10" Type R, Alpine Type S 5¼ speakers, Alpine Type S 6x9 speakers, Trunk fiberglass Molding (Pending)

      Exterior Modifications
      • BMW grey 1979 Paint, Bodykit Pakfeifer, White Neon, 80% tinted windows

      • 16" Primax A7 wheels, 205/45 R16 Hankook HRII tires
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      Protege Festidrag Protege Quebec City Protege After Wash Protege in my Parking Protege in my Parking Protege in my parking BPT for next summer
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      Member: DoGrEcOrD
      Created: 11-02-2008 07:43 PM
      Last Modified: 11-02-2008 08:18 PM
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      SleptWithURWife Thats a standard spoiler on any SE sold in Canada. Not sure about the models it comes on in the US. 10-10-2010
      cory_creation loving the spoiler, custom? 05-31-2010
      joeys93gt very clean! 08-03-2009
      jturbo323 nice bg love the paint job and body kit dont see that type much at all. also will look even better with that gtx engine dropped in 12-19-2008
      DoGrEcOrD I will put the engine for the next summer 12-04-2008
      Krazyman Nice BG... when you putting in that motor? 12-03-2008
      DoGrEcOrD I built this vehicle 11-27-2008
      deadly_sleeper Nice start. Did you buy this off of someone, or did you build it up yourself? 11-27-2008
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